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Flare is now a large guild consisting of socials, raiders and pvpnuts aiming to establish a fun yet progressive environment to cover end game content. Our main focus is now 10 man content where we raid 3 nights a week. There are also rated BGs for those wanting a different type of challange which arecovered on 2 nights. We distribute loot using a loot council to make things as fair as possible, and don't appreciate people who whine, slack or enjoy experimenting with different ways to die. We do however, love a good sense of humor,and players who can conceal their huge Epeens in MC Hammer style trousers. I also love strawberry cheesecake tbh ;)

OK, guys so after a week of raiding with Agri we have had an officer meeting and decided that it doesn't really fit in with what we want.
We feel that we really would like to try and push progression a bit more than we have been able to so far in Wrath and get to the stage where we can clear all HC content when it is current - something we are nowhere near currently. We have tried numerous options to build back up our roster but feel as though we can't get back to the place we once were in terms of quality for 25 man.

Therefore we have decided to go 10 man, now while no doubt this isn't what many of you wanted to hear unfortunately over the last few months or so it is where we have innevetably ended up. We feel like we can push progression much harder in 10HC and that unless we want to see ourselves slip it is the only choice.

We are still in the process of picking out a roster of around 14-15 people to make the first 10 man team but most have been asked already. The roster will be posted on the members forums, we will not be rotating people in outside of this roster as 15 people is as large as a 10 man can cope with in our opinion. All details for this team will be posted in the members forum shortly.

If enough people are interested we could look to make a second ten man team, although if people want to leave we also understand that. If you are interested then please contact one of us. We will also be continuing with PvP and aiming to get this more organised, this will be open to all and more details will follow.

Please do not underestimate how hard it was to make this decision for us. We just want to say to everyone in the guild whether or not you want to stay or leave good luck for the future.

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